Enhanced Cooperation

France - Germany - Israel


Germany has a long and successful track record of partnerships with France or with Israel.

Because the German ecosystems of Biomedical and Photonics are very wide and strong, there is a strong opportunity in trilateral partnerships in Biomedical and Photonics between France, Israel and Germany.

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Tel Aviv, the Bavarian representative office in Tel Aviv and AHK Germany-Israel Chamber of Commerce are fully mobilized to invite the German stakeholders - clusters, companies, research centers, institutions... - involved in Biomedical and Photonics to join this program. The German clusters Photonics Hub (part of Laser-Go consortium), Optonet, Photonics BW, OpTecBB and Bio-M (in partnership with Medicen) are among our Supporters. The Bavarian Research Alliance is actively supporting this initiative as well.

German players are to participate to the three majors events of the program, namely to the Laser World of Photonics hosted in Munich!

Moreover, when it comes to R&D cooperation especially, the Biomed & Photonics program is meant to help French, Israelis and German to find a relevant partner and  to fund their project by applying to appropriate R&D funding programs, such as Eurostars, Eureka or Horizon 2020.


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