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Main Photonics event in Israel 

The OASIS 7 meeting will be held on 1-2 April 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

It is estimated that there are more than 10,000 optics and electro-optics professionals involved in seven universities, several colleges and over 400 companies in Israel.  The OASIS meetings present the latest advances in the field of electro-optics worldwide, as well as aim to be a showpiece for Israeli optics, electro-optics and laser research and technologies.

The OASIS7 meeting will focus on encouraging interdisciplinary research as well as international cooperation. Photonics Israel will hold a meeting of international Photonics clusters on March 31, 2019.

The conference will host distinguished key speaker, such as the Nobel Prize winner Professor Gerard Mourou.

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Main Biotech and Medical Technologies event in Israel

The 18th MIXiii-BIOMED Conference and Exhibition will be held on May 14-16, 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel

MIXiii-BIOMED 2019 conference is focusing on the full spectrum of Healthcare: From Prevention to Rehabilitation and Everything in Between, including Medical Device, Biopharma, Digital Health and Diagnosis where appropriate.

A delegation of French companies in the Life sciences sector will be accompanied by Business France.

The French Biomed cluster MEDICEN will be hosted on Business France Booth along with a delegation of the European cluster Laser-Go

Laser-Go is a European cluster cooperation in the field of cross-sectoral health-photonics technology. The consortium brings together six clusters from five advanced and fast growing European Union countries - Lithuania (Coordinator), France, Austria, Spain and Germany - representing around 1600 companies and 100 science and research institutions in the fields of medicine, biotechnology and photonics (see the selected companies by Laser-Go).

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World Leading event in Photonics in Europe

The LASER World of Photonics will be held on June 24-27, 2019 in Munich, Germany

LASER World of PHOTONICS, the world's leading exhibition in Photonics Components, Systems and Applications, that unites research and industry and promotes the use and ongoing development in the Photonics industry.

LASER World of PHOTONICS depicts the entire value chain for photonics. All key players of Photonics market come to network at the international level and gives outstanding opportunities to make new contacts and initiate business.

The French Photonics organization, Photonics France, will represent at its booth the wide and dynamic Photonics French network

An Israeli Delegation, accompanied by Photonics Israel, will attend the exhibition and will be hosted by German Phonics clusters to visit German Photonics hot spots.

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