National Programs

In Israel, national funding programs are supported by the Israeli Innovation authority.

The Israel Innovation Authority,  formerly known as the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy (& MATIMOP), which is responsible for the country’s innovation policy, is an independent and impartial public entity that operates for the benefit of the Israeli innovation ecosystem and Israeli economy as a whole.

​For the benefit of entrepreneurs and stakeholders in the hi-tech industry, the Israel Innovation Authority has set up an advanced array of active innovation divisions that concentrate on providing optimal solutions to a variety of changing needs. The innovation divisions offer comprehensive solutions to the demands of the innovation ecosystem in Israel.

The innovation divisions include:

  • Startup Division (Technological Incubators, Early Stage, and Tnufa)

  • Growth Division (R&D Fund)

  • Technological Infrastructure Division (KAMIN, MAGNET, MAGNETON, NOFAR, MEIMAD)

  • Advanced Manufacturing Division

For more information, please contact us or specifically:

Uzi Bar Sadeh

Bilateral Program Manager


In France, R&D funding is provided through a large spectrum of instruments that covers, from startups’ feasibility studies to large collaborative projects.

Most of those instruments are implemented through Bpifrance.

Bpifrance is a public bank who provides assistance and financial support to small and medium-sized companies, facilitating access to banks and equity capital investors, in particular during the high-risk phases. Bpifrance operates through a decentralised network of 37 regional offices and 90% of decisions are being made at regional level.

Bpifrance provides French companies with:

  • Innovation funding (operating R&D support funds on behalf of the State)

  • Guarantees for bank financing and venture capital

  • Investment and operational cycle financing alongside banking and financial institutions

  • Equity investment, directly or through partner funds

  • Export support (Business France) through Bpifrance Export

For more information, please contact us or specifically:

Odile Henin

Program Manager