Vitagora and AgrOnov visiting Israel

From July 2nd to July 6th 2017, Business France Israel guided a delegation of two French clusters Vitagora and Agronov, specialized respectively in Food Tech and Ag Tech.

Vitagora is a leading European food business cluster which gathers more than 300 active members including such major food and health industry leaders as Seb, Danone, Mondelez, General Mills, Cargill, Lesaffre. Vitagora has been dedicated to building ambitious, goal-oriented R&D projects among its members. It launched also AcceleRise, an acceleration program which helps promising start-ups and SMEs to scale up and industrialize their products and services and accelerate their time to market - faster, further, smarter.

AgrOnov is a non-profit organization and the first Agricultural Innovation Park in France. AgrOnov is dedicated to support Ag companies in their development and help disseminate innovation to the market. As a gateway to Dijon’ European-class agriculture ecosystem, AgrOnov aims at identifying Israeli companies that would benefit from Dijon’ Ag ecosystem. AgrOnov is also focused on the development of partnerships with organizations like AgrOnov.

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